London Law firm launched

A complex project for Skim New Media as our London clients Teacher Stern cover many aspects of law and have a large team to consider, so it was important that all t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted, so to speak. We wanted to provide to the visitors with a sense of their location & working environment – impressive, yet approachable, so created: ‘a time lapse of a day in the life at Teacher Stern HQ. Filming in December was a tad chilly.. here are the edited results.


Lucky 8

Why the 8 reference? Well I have just realised that 2016 will be our 8th year in our Skim Office in Cornwall, how time flies… Dave and I are really excited about new projects emerging so far this year ranging from websites for a music composer, business alignment company, embroiderer, holiday cottage owner, global taxi firm, elephant tour man and food nutritionist! Great to meet a diverse range of people and learn a bit about their trades and passions. May the lucky 8 ball promote good fortune and wellbeing to you all this year!