guy farley official website

Guy is now official

Scoring over 40 films we at Skim have been impressed by this composers prolific musical career so far – I feel very underachieving! We have tried to produce an impressive backdrop for you to explore the the works at the new OFFICIAL Guy Farley website.

Personalised pet bandana

Personalised pet bandana

I hope you have one of these for you beloved pet, if not why not? – they are the latest must have, on trend, accessory – see Lola rockin’ hers at the Crab Stitch Embroidery website we’ve just launched. (other printed items are available)… Support local businesses!

They never forget, unlike us…

We have recently been involved with designing and building a website for a man called Torn who runs the Bunong Elephant Project in Cambodia, it was certainly a joy looking at film and images of these majestic creatures and learning more about eco-tourism.  The local people in these countries are working hard to protect the future of their environment and the animals, as they understand how important they are. I feel I really need to go and meet these Bunong people and elephants, just for important research – (ahem) (Look, you get to wash the elephants as well!)

Blacker than Black

Being in the design business we do like to have in depth discussions about shades of colours whilst stroking our beards, guzzling large quantities of monsoon malabar and listening to the morning delights of Lauren Laverne. So the latest is Vantablack – the new black and darkest of them all (sounds like new Harry Potter enemy). This colour has been developed by a British company, the pigment absorbs 99.96% of light that hits it – impressive! Don’t know if we will be able to incorporate the new black into all our future designs as the artist Anish Kapoor has been given exclusive rights to use it. (bit greedy if you ask me…)