Time to Mull

What a chore having to hack towards the end of Cornwall to visit the Old Inn at MullionNOT ! It’s such a glorious Cornish coastline, which I’d never been to, so after several sweaty hours of photography I felt justified strolling down to Mullion Cove, devouring an ice-cream and absorbing the view. You have to go and see for yourselves…


Aesthetics and Arithmetic

Angela’s work is all about Maths and Tax – as she is a highly efficient accountant and bookkeeper! Raising her levels of experience deserved a reward, the grand design and aesthically pleasing new work space. Skim aimed to enhance this new impressive level, photographing the new building, adorable Milly & Myrtle (canine companions) and the lovely Angela Greenhough for her new website. Who wouldn’t want to work here everyday?