String quartet spring clean

String Quartet Spring Clean

This group of talented ladies have been rocking some serious venues with their wide repertoire and can boast working on Downton Abbey, Harry Potter and the X Factor… Skim has less ‘name-dropperable’ clients to date – but all our clients are worthy of 100% design love. The Marten String Quartet already had their brand colour set, so this was a design job to optimise and improve the existing website with a spring clean!

Mother the Air is Blue

Tim Shaw spotted a business card we had designed for another company and tracked us down, simple to design a card for his new show What Remains. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising – it’s how our multi-media business continues and results with us working on such a wide variety of jobs. Check out Tim’s latest solo exhibition, view his previous projects and spread the word!

Are you consciously living?

Wow – A fairly deep question for this time of day I know. But after working with the charismatic Clara Apollo, you kind of want to find out more and be involved with her Conscious Living Events. Skim are working with Clara on re-branding, website design update and future involvement with her various other projects!

Splashing through January

Thankfully we have all splashed through January! At Skim it whizzed past in a wet blur – meeting new clients, potential collaborations, plus existing clients coming out from hibernation! We did manage to make 4 websites live though, so not too shabby… Now January is done we can all move on to happy, healthy and warmer days ahead and for us hopefully some really exciting design, website and photography jobs.