Granola question

Hi there, I am always blithering on about what we’ve been up to at Skim New Media, but for this blog post I need a response... All I need to know is if you if you like granola? and if so which brand and why? Do you think it is healthy and what would you eat it with? Share if possible I need answers, thank you lovely people!


So hot right now…

Flamingos are not only ‘on trend’ at the moment (along with watermelons, pandas and pineapples apparently) – this trio of film talents seem to have come up with my ideal job! Creating wonderfully sumptuous films of luxury hotels and exotic travel locations. I would say a pleasure to design Flamingo Pictures logo and website, however after watching the showreel I like them a little bit less… (only joking – looking super slick!)

Gaining composers…

Christopher Slaski is a composer of great versatility and ever growing credits. Dividing his time and composition talents between film scores, short films and adverts, he is globally renowned – just having been voted ‘Best Young European Film Composer’ by the Australian Film Academy. Skim merrily worked up a new logo for Christopher – designed and added all audio, graphics and content for this portfolio website, increasing our portfolio of websites in 2018.