Celebrating 3000

No we are not being all futuristic, or talking about how many employees Facebook has recently hired.. Skim has Just recorded job number 3000 ! So we thought it would be a good time to thank past and present clients and friends for allowing us to design stuff for them for so long, we are lucky people.

Walney’s view of the world

What a fantastic time of year May it is to be in Cornwall, especially if you are fortunate enough to stay at Walney Cottage in Kingsand, – your view out to sea could be like this.. Tranquil and calm on the day I visited and took new photos for the website, but every day promises a slightly different look and feel.

Need to find some ‘you‘ time? I think so..


Chronically Motivated

Really excited about working with a young, hard working, ambitious duo, – the founders of Chronically Motivated. Zoey and Conor have been building interest in their nutrition & training advice and are now moving into designing and selling fitness apparel. Skim are giving this Cornwall based couple 100% effort and support, – designing, building and promoting their website – Launching in May.

Life Affirming

Stay at Walney Cottage in Kingsand and take in glorious views of the sea, or for those wanting a more exciting experience – get your swimsuit on (whatever time of year! ) and stride into the sea. Promoted as ‘life affirming’ by owner Kate and all who swim with her, wild swimming is the way forwards for us all.

‘ere – get proper sorted!

OK, I admit my local colloquialisms could do with some improvement. But if you are looking to improve your insurance look no further! Local, reliable and specialist insurers for all things Rural – PSP are your ‘go to’ people. Oh yes and they now have a lovely new website thanks to Skim.

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