Need to get away from city life?

Churchwood Valley provides an oasis of lush green countryside and a coastal holiday location, it really is a breath of fresh air! Back to basics with wooden cabins situated in the South Devon coast just a short walk from Wembury beach. Updating this website has reminded me how glorious this conservation area is, so if you need to escape from the stress of city life, noise and technology – swap gadgets for a pair of binoculars, fishing net and a swimsuit. See latest photos on their Facebook page

We all need a little support at sometime…

We all need a little support at sometime…

I can concur wholeheartedly with this statement, as life can certainly throw some challenges at us. At Cascade Therapy, (based in Birmingham, UK)  there is friendly, experienced Psychotherapy, Counselling and coaching close at hand. Ready to spring into therapeutic action for all those who require assistance, whatever your age, race, gender, sexuality or physical abilities – non judgemental, just helpful advice and support.

I wish we could all be like this (take note Donald Trump – the antithesis of non-judgemental!) So if you are feeling anxious or every suffer from panic attacks maybe read Anne Wanjiku’s blog for some positive advice. A pleasure working on this website design for a lovely client.

Broomhill Manor playground

Gauntlet thrown down

busbunkbed_square_HDR12Our challenge: to try to coordinate a photoshoot at Broomhill Manor  (# luxury self-catering holiday properties) in Bude, aligning the weather with the properties being vacant. So we headed to the north coast of Cornwall and photographed Broomhill in full blossom glory – in-between the hail storms… Do you like their cute new bunk-beds?

guy farley official website

Guy is now official

Scoring over 40 films we at Skim have been impressed by this composers prolific musical career so far – I feel very underachieving! We have tried to produce an impressive backdrop for you to explore the the works at the new OFFICIAL Guy Farley website.

Personalised pet bandana

Personalised pet bandana

I hope you have one of these for you beloved pet, if not why not? – they are the latest must have, on trend, accessory – see Lola rockin’ hers at the Crab Stitch Embroidery website we’ve just launched. (other printed items are available)… Support local businesses!

They never forget, unlike us…

We have recently been involved with designing and building a website for a man called Torn who runs the Bunong Elephant Project in Cambodia, it was certainly a joy looking at film and images of these majestic creatures and learning more about eco-tourism.  The local people in these countries are working hard to protect the future of their environment and the animals, as they understand how important they are. I feel I really need to go and meet these Bunong people and elephants, just for important research – (ahem) (Look, you get to wash the elephants as well!)

Blacker than Black

Being in the design business we do like to have in depth discussions about shades of colours whilst stroking our beards, guzzling large quantities of monsoon malabar and listening to the morning delights of Lauren Laverne. So the latest is Vantablack – the new black and darkest of them all (sounds like new Harry Potter enemy). This colour has been developed by a British company, the pigment absorbs 99.96% of light that hits it – impressive! Don’t know if we will be able to incorporate the new black into all our future designs as the artist Anish Kapoor has been given exclusive rights to use it. (bit greedy if you ask me…)

Free family days out in Cornwall – Crocadon

Have you been to a Crocadon event yet – If not you are missing out as they have some excellent events every month tempting you with sumptuous local produce, mind, body and spirit fairs, impressive craft and antique markets, all set in a relaxed haven just 15 mins inside Cornwall near St. Mellion. Obviously there is the main sawmill there and all things wood related to be found, we enjoyed photographing all the different types for the website and just because there is something lush about photographing the knots and grains of wood.. (Ok maybe that’s just me..) Back on track – You can also stay in the farmhouse, which is glorious – take a look or if you have want to get involved with any of the up and coming fairs contact the team

Functional Foodie

Everyone needs to add a bit of spice to their lives I think, but more importantly is the day to day intake of real & healthy food, so thankfully Jane Hutton – aka ‘The Functional Foodie’ has created a hub for all her recipe ideas and well being courses on a whole range of subjects. Skim worked with Jane to develop a strong brand identity and fun, welcoming website for all to interact with and become a part of! Reclaim your health today

Blog block

I have been seriously slack on the blog front, how do you all find time to work and blog post your achievements, interesting client meetings and up and coming events I need to be a caffeine crazed octopus to competently cover all aspects of work and life and the moment! However it is a good reminder to show a slice of what we are doing at Skim New Media so I will pull my finger out – or sucker pad octopus arm and fill you in on the latest Skim news soon.


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