Skim = Your visual identity

Your visual identity is at the heart of your business and should be designed to represent you properly to the world and it is part of everything you do. It goes far beyond your logo, but this is an important visual representation of your company and should correctly project it’s values. It speaks to your customers often before you do. First impressions count and we can work with you to ensure your brand says the right things to your audience in a consistent way.

Skim has over 20 years experience defining brands. This is a process we love to share with our clients, one that starts by talking with you to understand your business and goals. We look at your marketplace, the competition and customers. From this we can create a strategy that supports your vision and makes the most of your potential.

Printed literature, stationery & advertising

Traditional forms of advertising are still important and we can create engaging printed materials for your company. Business cards which stand out from the crowd and press adverts that will get you noticed.

Our extensive experience of working with different mediums and finishes can set your job apart. We are also used to working to deadlines and ensure each project is well planned and executed to meet your expectations.


Your display at an exhibition is often the culmination of many months planning. We will work closely with you to ensure you maximise the use of the space available and project your brand at it’s best. We also work with excellent print partners who can create graphics to any size or shape.


A level of detail that makes an immediate impact to your visitors. We can extend your visual identity to the largest or smallest of signs at your premises.


Your company vehicle is the perfect traveling advertisment for your business. We can tailor designs to ensure that all you pass on the road get an immediate sense of who you are, what you do and how to contact you.


Why stop there? Providing your staff with branded t-shirts or workwear can provide a strong sense of unity and project the best values of your business to customers.

Promotional material

For that matter we can design almost anything that fits into your business, from stationery, umbrellas and juggling balls to memory sticks, mouse mats and hats!

And the proof…

Here is a selection of recent work. For more see our Graphic Design Portfolio »

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