Skim = Photography

We love to have an excuse to escape the office – so the Skim team are up for any photography services you require. Holiday home interiors and exteriors, location promotional short films and time-lapses, people and animals. If you require any products shot, we have all the equipment for taking on in-house pack-shots. We can also film and edit short films and time-lapses which are great provide an added extra to promoting your product or business.

Location & Architecture

Making your location look its best takes more than just the press of a button. We work with you to correctly style the location, organising set dressing and using the latest methods to produce high quality results. Our aim is to provide a natural but dynamic view of each location. Where required shoot and merge multiple shots of each subject (HDR) to create impressive results.

Product/Pack Shots

It is proven that professional photography increases sales If you are selling your products online or via a catalogue. We can develop a photographic style for your business and shoot in our studio or on location. A choice will also be made whether to shoot under artificial or natural light, depending on the subject.

HDR Photography

We would recommend High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography if shooting landscapes, interiors or exteriors. It produces images with a far greater range of tones than standard photography can offer.

To achieve this we take around 5 photographs at different brightness of the same view. These get merged together in post production and graded into a complex and rich finished shot. It does require a little more time but we think the results speak for themselves.

And the proof…

Here is a selection of recent work. For more see our Photography Portfolio »

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