Make way for Midfields

Just before Easter we launched the newly designed Midfields Granola website – so have a look at it’s shiny, lovely freshness! Independent granola ‘home-bakers’ and creators Sharon and Brian are dedicated and hardworking, so Skim pulled out all the stops to produce a series of images of their ever-growing range of gourmet granola. Photoshoot day was extremely rainy (joy!), so the lifestyle shots were a bit of a challenge – Harry the cat was particularly unimpressed with our photography demands. As a reward he has been awarded his own blog  & this month there is a special offer of a FREE bag of Pecan and Coconut Granola (offer ends 30.04.18)

Granola question

Hi there, I am always blithering on about what we’ve been up to at Skim New Media, but for this blog post I need a response... All I need to know is if you if you like granola? and if so which brand and why? Do you think it is healthy and what would you eat it with? Share if possible I need answers, thank you lovely people!