East coast Composer

Aaron Jaffe is super talented, award winning music composer who resides in NYC. It would have been great to pop over to the big apple to meet him in person, but sadly skype and email are sufficient apparently… Take some time out to have look and listen and spread the word about our USA buddy.

A tale of two Garys

It’s not every week you do design work for 2 Gary’s and it too such polar opposite fields of work, I guess that’s why I still enjoy working at Skim New Media.. Gary Yershon is an experienced music composer who has a career spanning 4 decades and an amazing body of varied work in Theatre, TV, Film and Radio – at the 2015 awards he was nominated for an Oscar in the best score category on Mr Turner. Our website for Gary Yershon showcases this ever-expanding body of work in a timeline style format, which he can add to himself now. Gary part 2 to follow..

Let the music speak…

Fragmented Music have some impressive composers on their books – the prolific Lorne Balfe for one.

If you are creating any movie blockbusters, films, TV programmes or commercials then come have listen to all the featured artists work.

We love working with music so we have now experienced most issues associated with sound files!




PKJ Music

Paul Joyce has led varied life and his music reflects that.
His diverse range of soundtracks and lustrous themes span from the spine-tingling Snow Queen to catchy  “Can we fix it” – Bob the Builder tune, for which he won the Ivor Novello Award in 2000.

Have a listen to what he’s up to now and in the future… >>> PK Music Ltd

Paul was a joy to work with as his instructions were for it to be bold, clean & simple. A web designers dream.