So hot right now…

Flamingos are not only ‘on trend’ at the moment (along with watermelons, pandas and pineapples apparently) – this trio of film talents seem to have come up with my ideal job! Creating wonderfully sumptuous films of luxury hotels and exotic travel locations. I would say a pleasure to design Flamingo Pictures logo and website, however after watching the showreel I like them a little bit less… (only joking – looking super slick!)

Celebrating 3000

No we are not being all futuristic, or talking about how many employees Facebook has recently hired.. Skim has Just recorded job number 3000 ! So we thought it would be a good time to thank past and present clients and friends for allowing us to design stuff for them for so long, we are lucky people.

An invitation to pleasure – on a Monday… !

Shakti Tantra founders Hilly and Sue look happy – this is not only because they have found inner joy, they are also very excited about the launch of the new Shakti Tantra website which Skim designed and built under creative partnership with the London based art director and photography/film maker Christian Banfield ( on this project. Shakti run a Tantra school with a tantalising series of courses and workshops on offer, suiting all levels. Life changing enlightenment is only a click away..

Yoga teaching – John Stirk

Time to take up practising yoga…

If you have had a turbulent week and feel that world is in a strange and scary place, look to yoga. Open up to ways of finding clarity, relaxed sensitivity and a deep flowing awareness on all levels.. Sounds good to me. I hope Skim’s new website for John Stirk reflects this successfully.

Creative Environments

Here at Skim we get a lot from the environment we live and work in. It’s fundamental to our well-being, inspires us and influences everything we do. It’s often that we conjure our ideas and thoughts in many different places… in the office, exploring the woods or crunching along the rugged coastline.

We wanted to bring a subtle change to our website and bring some of this into play. So we have begun the process of filming some of the special locations where we talk and harness some inspiration from the surroundings, under the title of “Creative Environments”. The first in this series was shot in a corner of the Bake woods, behind our offices during a magnificent autumn morning with low sunshine moving rays across the mossy ground. We spent half an hour aligning ourselves on our current workload and jotted down some key ideas to bring into those jobs when we got to the office.

We plan to add a series of these in coming months… so have a look at the first: Creative Environment #1

Facial rejuvenation required?

How many people over 40 years of age haven’t thought about a little tightening of the skin, a smoothing of their facial lines and a fill of those wrinkles? With the help of sound, professional advice at the Wellswood Clinics you can make that important decision. Wellswood Clinics also provide Travel vaccinations, immunisations, blood tests and genetic testing. Skim cannot work any miracles for your face, however we can provide an refreshing uplift to your website…

Welcoming Woodside

woodside_photog_0693_sept16Well done Claire and her hard working team for putting in a sterling effort to be ready for the first guests at Woodside Holiday Lets, the holiday homes look A-M-A-Z-I-NG! I really hope our photographs do the property justice. Website in production now..

Yes I can

“Yes I can”

(well not me personally, I’m talking about talented composer Guy Farley)

Hugely impressed with the superhuman effort made making the promotional Paralympics trailer for Rio 2016, ‘Yes I can’ wonderfully filmed and edited, then discovered that our client Guy Farley had composed the music for it – added to his new official website, great work Guy.

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