Is Wind the way forward?

Always interesting to work on a project which is about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions – so being asked to work with the well established, wonderfully talented Chalk Ward team was exciting. Company CleanEarth are striving to develop and invest in sustainable technology – we all need to engage and understand this more so find out more

Skim team love to work on all aspects of graphic design, websites, photography, films, audio/soundtrack work – versatility is what keeps us busy, and you know I don’t like sitting around doing nothing….

Magical Marazion

Marazion is a marvellous location with views of St Michael’s Mount and sandy surrounding beaches. Have I sold it in yet? Skim have just updated the website design and functionality for this historic hotel and look forward to heading down to photograph the newly refurbished interior very soon.. !

Gaining composers…

Christopher Slaski is a composer of great versatility and ever growing credits. Dividing his time and composition talents between film scores, short films and adverts, he is globally renowned – just having been voted ‘Best Young European Film Composer’ by the Australian Film Academy. Skim merrily worked up a new logo for Christopher – designed and added all audio, graphics and content for this portfolio website, increasing our portfolio of websites in 2018.