A is for Architecture

A is for Architecture

Skim loved photographing our client architect Chris Munson’s most recent properties he has been involved with, certainly an interesting range! This job involved carefully planning to keep in within the timings as they were dotted in various South East Cornwall locations – sweaty work, but definitely enjoyed two days out of the office in glorious sunshine! Here is a cross section of them

Is Wind the way forward?

Always interesting to work on a project which is about sustainability and reducing carbon emissions – so being asked to work with the well established, wonderfully talented Chalk Ward team was exciting. Company CleanEarth are striving to develop and invest in sustainable technology – we all need to engage and understand this more so find out more

Skim team love to work on all aspects of graphic design, websites, photography, films, audio/soundtrack work – versatility is what keeps us busy, and you know I don’t like sitting around doing nothing….

Splashing through January

Thankfully we have all splashed through January! At Skim it whizzed past in a wet blur – meeting new clients, potential collaborations, plus existing clients coming out from hibernation! We did manage to make 4 websites live though, so not too shabby… Now January is done we can all move on to happy, healthy and warmer days ahead and for us hopefully some really exciting design, website and photography jobs.

Lucky 8

Why the 8 reference? Well I have just realised that 2016 will be our 8th year in our Skim Office in Cornwall, how time flies… Dave and I are really excited about new projects emerging so far this year ranging from websites for a music composer, business alignment company, embroiderer, holiday cottage owner, global taxi firm, elephant tour man and food nutritionist! Great to meet a diverse range of people and learn a bit about their trades and passions. May the lucky 8 ball promote good fortune and wellbeing to you all this year!