If you do that’s great news – Skim have created websites for two authors this year that I forgot to tell you about !

Composer Paul K. Joyce has been applying his creative skills to a different outlet writing (he’s a composer as well) – his latest book is now out and looks fairly juicy – if you want to ‘try before you buy’ then Paul is offering you the chance to ‘download a sample for FREE’….

On a completely different tip a long-known client of our Ed Docx has teamed up with Matthew Plampin – their fusion novelist name – Logan Macx – these two highly talented writers have written an action-packed children’s spy novel entitled ‘Swift and Hawk’ & it’s receving rave reviews.

Skim have designed the online shop window websites for these fantastic literary works – it’s up to you whether or not your interest is piqued by the intro blurb & cover – enough for you to want to part with your hard earned cash and buy these books.

What makes you buy a book? The book cover? Reviews? Recommendation? Known author? Synopsis? Other? – All feeback welcome…