…Yes we certainly do at Skim – Not only was our client Arbor Ales extremely cooperative and positive to work with they kindly sent us a fine selection of their tasty ales! An unexpected generous surprise – helping us to really get to know the brand inside and out! Skim launched the new website for these Bristol based brewers just in time for Christmas orders. What is apparent from building this website is that the visual branding is colorful and eye-catching, the FULL pint cans pleasing, plus their witty ale names; ‘My little Sabrony’, ‘Shangri-La’ & ‘Damn You Auto-correct’ a source of amusement.
Excellent to work with the dream team aka Schmick.tv – who’s photographic talents ensure our production job is far more pleasurable, as we know we will receive awesome images that pack a punch and convey the high quality of the client’s brand. Job done, time for a pint anyone..?
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