Skim office isolation – Business as usual

Dave and I feel very fortunate, as for us our work lives during Covid-19 lock down has made only a minor difference to our daytime routines. It’s actually been busy at Skim – sorting out lots of lovely clients website updates and discussing with them how they can best work and connect virtually with their clients and customers.

Whilst some of us are still working and busy – oh to be furloughed – (I had never heard this word before but now it’s everywhere and I kinda like the sound of it.. !) But this is not to be. Team Skim will stay chained to our computers in our isolated office designing, building, creating new brand IDs, websites, printing new stationery and updating all aspects of your business. Hopefully this will help occupy this time so that you can hit the ground running when this weird blip is over and life returns to ‘normal’.

Just contact us if we can do anything to help, support or promote what you do.

Spot the non-Skim photo – (FYI – It’s the suit!) – I feel VERY lucky not to have to wear this to work – I do not think I could handle wearing PPE  – my admiration and sympathy goes out to all you people that are having to on a daily basis – big virtual hugs and stay safe 🙂