Debbie Does : Fashion, Beauty & Celebrities

Debbie Storey has been intending to update her website for several years now, but was always too busy! Due to the Covid-19 crisis her normal work schedule as a Make-up artists/Stylists has been put on pause. Finding the positives from this situation Debbie has finally had time to gather her portfolio of work – send it over to us at Skim and allow us to design a new website for her – displaying her stylist talents – examples of her previous everyday life filled with beauty, fashion and celebrities – how are they all coping without her?

Apparently Eastenders cast members are going to have to do their own hair and make-up – this might be worth a watch.. (only joking, I am sure the are all gorgeous  ‘sans maquillage’ – plus I continued to read that the Make-up artists will be on set via video link.