New motivation with cute camo

As I am ‘on the list’ with these fine people I was fortunate enough to receive a heads up on their latest limited edition Camo Collection – I like to share..

Positive Plastic Purpose

The Plastic Oceanic team are taking action to create a positive impact on ocean plastics by 1) cleaning up and clearing non-recylable plastic from the ocean around Cornwall; 2) creating handmade, gorgeous products; 3) donating a share of profits to help fund bigger clear up projects, for example SAS. It was great to visualise and design & produce a website and photograph their initial products around their logo. From the eye-opening Blue Planet II programmes millions of people have been enlightened and inspired to save our oceans, it’s never too late so you can help in a physical way joining in with beach cleans and in this instance it is good to support a local business and the cause >> BUY PLASTIC.

Make way for Midfields

Just before Easter we launched the newly designed Midfields Granola website – so have a look at it’s shiny, lovely freshness! Independent granola ‘home-bakers’ and creators Sharon and Brian are dedicated and hardworking, so Skim pulled out all the stops to produce a series of images of their ever-growing range of gourmet granola. Photoshoot day was extremely rainy (joy!), so the lifestyle shots were a bit of a challenge – Harry the cat was particularly unimpressed with our photography demands. As a reward he has been awarded his own blog  & this month there is a special offer of a FREE bag of Pecan and Coconut Granola (offer ends 30.04.18)

Granola question

Hi there, I am always blithering on about what we’ve been up to at Skim New Media, but for this blog post I need a response... All I need to know is if you if you like granola? and if so which brand and why? Do you think it is healthy and what would you eat it with? Share if possible I need answers, thank you lovely people!


So hot right now…

Flamingos are not only ‘on trend’ at the moment (along with watermelons, pandas and pineapples apparently) – this trio of film talents seem to have come up with my ideal job! Creating wonderfully sumptuous films of luxury hotels and exotic travel locations. I would say a pleasure to design Flamingo Pictures logo and website, however after watching the showreel I like them a little bit less… (only joking – looking super slick!)

Gaining composers…

Christopher Slaski is a composer of great versatility and ever growing credits. Dividing his time and composition talents between film scores, short films and adverts, he is globally renowned – just having been voted ‘Best Young European Film Composer’ by the Australian Film Academy. Skim merrily worked up a new logo for Christopher – designed and added all audio, graphics and content for this portfolio website, increasing our portfolio of websites in 2018.

String quartet spring clean

String Quartet Spring Clean

This group of talented ladies have been rocking some serious venues with their wide repertoire and can boast working on Downton Abbey, Harry Potter and the X Factor… Skim has less ‘name-dropperable’ clients to date – but all our clients are worthy of 100% design love. The Marten String Quartet already had their brand colour set, so this was a design job to optimise and improve the existing website with a spring clean!

Mother the Air is Blue

Tim Shaw spotted a business card we had designed for another company and tracked us down, simple to design a card for his new show What Remains. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising – it’s how our multi-media business continues and results with us working on such a wide variety of jobs. Check out Tim’s latest solo exhibition, view his previous projects and spread the word!

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