A bit of you time…

Whilst meeting with Amanda from Woodland Aromatherapy you start feeling calmer and in a more relaxed state of mind. Fortunately we hyped ourselves back into action and built this lovely lady an efficient, easy to use website which she can update & maintain – breathe in.. and breathe out…now check out the website and book a well deserved aromatherapy massage or stress-relieving Indian Head Massage for yourself or a lucky loved one.

Who are CASS + ?

We have just re-designed the CASS+ website. You may have not heard about what CASS+ do yet but you really should. Hopefully you will never require their services. However for those who do, the experience, guidance and support of this  charity is life changing. Dave and I had the privilege to meet the CASS+ team, volunteers and a few previous clients. Skim realised this subject required a sensitive approach and real images, not stock. A challenging photo shoot due to time constraints with the location at Truro Magistrates courts. Huge thanks to all the participants who were willing to go along with our directorial ideas!

To-tality Awesome!

Revving up and ready for action after our Skim west coast USA road trip – what a beautiful huge country it is with inspirational landscapes and amazingly friendly people, (who mostly thought we were Australian!). Our focal point was the Solar eclipse, location >> Madras, Oregon – A cosmic, humbling experience, We are now full loaded with creative ideas and refreshed vigor to take on new projects. I’ve also added some bits to our portfolio Skim’s 2017 websites & photography commissions this year so far – a new term update! Look forward to hearing from you all and helping out with any design, photography, film, print related work.

Time to Mull

What a chore having to hack towards the end of Cornwall to visit the Old Inn at MullionNOT ! It’s such a glorious Cornish coastline, which I’d never been to, so after several sweaty hours of photography I felt justified strolling down to Mullion Cove, devouring an ice-cream and absorbing the view. You have to go and see for yourselves…


Aesthetics and Arithmetic

Angela’s work is all about Maths and Tax – as she is a highly efficient accountant and bookkeeper! Raising her levels of experience deserved a reward, the grand design and aesthically pleasing new work space. Skim aimed to enhance this new impressive level, photographing the new building, adorable Milly & Myrtle (canine companions) and the lovely Angela Greenhough for her new website. Who wouldn’t want to work here everyday?

Feeling Pumped!

Chronically Motivated partners Zoey and Conor stayed local for their coastal lifestyle photoshoot, we then graded those photos, and matched product shots we took at Skim to fit with the website design! Great to work with this focused fit and positive minded duo – check out their initial range of quality active wear for men and women and get motivated!

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